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Dear Administration


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I assume that since you're casually testing things out on the live servers, you cannot reproduce the lag issues in test servers. I also assume that with the latest maintenance you did something to limit the maximum amount of players per server, because honestly it is the first time in years that I've seen a queue for Chronos and Naia. We've had no client limits for a while and no such issue presented itself before, so it's only normal to assume the maintenance had something to do with it. As others have noted, this is getting old. We don't want a VIP system like in classic to decide who gets to log in in a timely manner. We want a solution to the latency without collateral damage.

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your simplistic inference doesn't help, on a major patch over 200 new variables are introduced, which one do YOU think is the cause of the lag?  you think you're more professional than the developers?  but nonetheless, thank you though for trying to help.

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