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Naia is full everyday now, 24h/ day?! What gives!?


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Hello everyone

So, what's the deal, Naia is full everyday now, 24h/ day?! What gives!?

Did you guys decide to cut corners and limit login numbers instead of getting another server or better one.

Thanks for nothing people. I am glad i didn't spend a nickel in this game.

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20 hours ago, Juji said:

Hello All,

Maintenance has been extended by another 45 minutes. We have some additional changes from the Dev team for the maintenance today in an effort to resolve the latency issue. The changes will only be temporary as we try to identify the main cause for the latency.

Additional Temporary Changes:

  • Timed Hunting Zones have been temporarily removed (Primeval Isle and Storm Isle)
  • The amount of NPCs in several Hunting Zones has been reduced
  • A temporary server queue will be added once the Live servers have reached a certain limit and then we will gradually increase the limit after verifying there are no latency issues

Thank you for your understanding!

Maybe first read the forum or talk to other players, who are actually doing that, before you make such a useless post? 

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