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which class ??


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Do you prefer close quarters or ranged? Do you want to level fast to more quickly get your dual class skills, or slow? Do you prefer being a part of the action or just support? Do you have enough adena to invest in classes like mages that require you to buy entirely different setups from dyes, jewels, cloaks, circlet, armor, weapon, etc., or would you prefer to keep it simple and use most of the same equipment for both your main and dual? Once you answer those questions, you'll have a good idea of what you want to play as your dual.

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Try as much as possible to use something that share same gear, I forgot if you can take a tyrr dual since u are tyrr main because at some point we could in the past, if you can take tyrr i would say dreadnaught since u will share same gear and pole is generally cheaper weapon and its the best aoe class and ur GK is pro single target raid killing. If you cannot make tyrr dual i sould say depends on what set u use on main heavy or leather. If you use leather yul would probably be best choice. You will also be able to use it in pvp better than other choices. I would say go for yul cuz any other class will cost u really a shit ton to gear up. Rogue was another choice but ur GK is already a single target DD melee range. My char is yul/GK but yul main and gk sub and it makes alot of sense.

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Agree with keeping it simple for now. The good news is that most of the fighter DD classes use leather. So really the only thing that you'll need to get is a second weapon, whether that is a bow for Yul, Dual Daggers for Othel, or if you decide to stay in Orc branch and go Tyr a "doublesword" which is really a two hand sword and not to be confused with dual swords. You can also use leather for Summoners, ISS, etc., depending on what you're hunting.

For my characters I usually have one class as a close quarters combat type and the other class as a ranged combat. I sometimes get bored with one style, but find the other style gives me a second wind. Guess I'm just crazy that way.So my main character is an archer with a Tyr dual. I also have a dagger with a summoner dual.

Lastly, just for fun I made a character that is an archer for both the main and the dual class -- main is a Ghost Sentinel, but the dual is a Moonlight Sentinel. I was going through a phase where I really liked archers. :) But it saved me from needing to buy new weapons and such.

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