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Polaris on Hindemith


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Howdy folks...long time ago ive played L2 on Hindemith server.. anyone alive from that era around? My clan was Polaris but not sure if it still exists and no idea where. There is only Chronos server now available and my characters were moved there. :-)

P.S. Please move this topic to Chronos area, posted here by my mistake. Thanks

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2 hours ago, GreenVelvet said:

Polaris clan exists-->Chronos server.

Thanks alot.. its weird being back in the game... i quit playing when my 2nd son was born in 2009 and since then ive lost contact... :-) Was in game today for a brief moment and ive seen Polaris has still its CH in Goddard and even occupies Schuttgart :-) GL to you...

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Talk about coincidence …
I have just returned to playing L2 after 10 years away.  I too was in Polaris and was wondering if they were still around or if anyone from that time were still playing!  I hope I do run into some of them!

I've forgotten my old account so had to start afresh! New toon, new name!

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Hi Terrarch.

Long time, no see.

I remember you in Polaris back in the day, and the clan is still active. Bullik is still running it, after Bill and Lisa stopped.

After some years, I have returned too, but it has become more pay to win, then anything I have seen before, sad to see. Think classic servers could be fun to try again.


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