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I try to write there some my ideas, what we can upgrade in this awesome game.

  • When monsters spawns in zone why don't do some graphic's effects like opening portal from where monster spawn? I understand, that's not very important, but this detail changes reality of game. Spawn monster type can be "from where" mobs spawns. Example, Devil's  can open portal from hell, Angels can open portal from heaven or clouds, let's try to imagine, that monster opens portal, dashes screen, and jumps to zone in 1-2s. animation.  When he dashes screen, opens portal, we can see some beautiful background or specifical place.  
  • Let players control raid bosses, if players who control raidboss win, he can get rewards from npc or something like that, that's can be more fun than using raid boss AI. To control RB player must have some key, item or pass.
  • Make more specifical monsters and place balance. Underwater, ruins, vulcano and etc.

Thats it, if I have more ideas, I will post it on this topic. Please give me your opinion on my ideas, ty.

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  • About daily quests: it will be very comfortable, if players pick daily quests, and when they did quest, but dont taked reward on the same day, they can take rewards on next day, but players cannot take new daily quests. My offer is make acceptable next day's quests when daily reward anyway was taken. Every time i trying return quest items to npc, and its takes away 1 day without action. I think it's better and make more action with quests base game. 
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