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Need tips on enchanting


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I never really spent too much time enchanting cause I always failed so I gave up a long time ago but now I want to try again. I need tips because there are many new items in game like save tickets and giants scrolls, stones etc.
My question is:
What is some strategy to enchant weapons to +12?
0-2 normal scroll
2 giant scroll -> what if +3/+4/+5? use giants scroll again?
at what + i start to use blessed?
how do save tickets work?
is it worth to use heavenly scroll which cost 6+b?
Or should i not bother enchant to +12 and buy full weapon +12 30b

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You want to know about enchants? They are more "Korean random" now than ever. You must remember that the system is designed to always break your weapon whenever you go to enchant it higher than +3. Not kidding. Think of using enchant scroll like having 3 tries to ask the most beautiful person you ever saw out on a date. You want to hear "Yes," at least once, but instead she/he tells you "No," "Maybe no." and "Maybe." But never "Yes." Whenever you get a successful enchant, it isn't because the system said yes, but "Maybe."

So what do save scrolls, % success stones, etc., do? They just increase the likelihood of the system saying maybe. Anywhere from 10% - 20% (as high as 30% for armor) depending on scroll/stone. But again, the system is mostly telling you "No," so you will still fail quite a bit, even when you think you've increased your chances by 20%. That's a high figure, right? If you increased your paycheck or bank account by 20%, you'd be well on your way to a profitable year. But not when it comes to enchants. That is L2 Korean random at work.

The good thing about save scrolls is that a fail doesn't destroy your weapon, but it does reduce your current enchant level by 1 enchant. So if you fail trying to enchant a +11 R99 dual sword using a purple royal save scroll, you will still have your weapon, but it will be a +10 R99 dualsword. There are some rare enchant stones that also do this, but most of the enchant stones break your weapon on fail. There is no save. You get crystals back. So be careful to read the information on the scroll or stones before you enchant.

If you're still here and want to try enchants, good luck. Only enchant if you can stand the trauma of breaking your weapon. The only surefire way to +12 is to use Heavenly scrolls after +3. But that is very expensive and wrought with diminishing returns. No one can tell you exactly how to enchant high. Instead, here is what I did in order to enchant one of my weapons to +17. Please note that I didn't do this all in one afternoon, but over the course of 3-4 days. (I'm superstitious about how many enchants I do in a day.)

1. Take dwarf with high LUC further boosted by +15 LUC dyes, +7 Maphr shirt, plus +10 armor set, insanity talisman, all stat+1 bracelet, various accessories that also give LUC and +6 LUC from Nano. As mentioned earlier, Korean random is still a factor, but I use this character for my own piece of mind. With ALL of that, I still fail more often than I succeed.

2. Take +0 R99 weapon. 

3. Use normal enchant scrolls until +2.

4. Use Giant Weapon Enchant Scroll. Luckily, made it to +5 on first try.

5. Pray. Because I prefer using GEWRs and have it break than using a Blessed Enchant scroll or a Save scroll. High risk/reward, plus cost benefit. Giant Enchant Scrolls can give a max of +3 enchant level, if it succeeds. I also used a Giant Enchant Stone, which boosts odds by 15% iirc, just in case. Luckily, the enchant succeeded, but only +2. The R99 weapon was now +7.

6. Repeated step 5. This time, though, I got +3 with the Giant scroll. R99 weapon is now +10. 

7. Use two HEWR to make it +12. I stopped there that day, since I'd already had my 3 successful enchants (like I said, I'm superstitious.)

8. Next day. Disclaimer: I'm crazy. Don't try this at home kids. At the time there was an ongoing event that yielded Ancient Enchant Scrolls, which allowed you to keep the weapon enchant level if it failed. The influx of AEWR into the market forced many sellers to offload their Destruction Enchant Weapon Scrolls fairly cheaply as well. At the time the DEWR were both rare and extremely expensive as a result. I won two of the AEWR and bought one DEWR. All failed. I was pissed. I flipped off the enchant gods with both middle fingers and used another GEWR. At +12 you can't use Giant Stones, so this was all or bust. I was tempted to use a Maphr pot, but said the hell with it. I didn't care if the weapon popped at this point. I clicked on the GEWR...and the R99 weapon was now +15.

9. The next, next day. I still had one more GEWR left. I'm convinced that I had somehow bought a lucky batch of them. (I've not had that kind of luck with GEWRs before or since.) I had to test the theory.  I was late for work, so I clicked on the scroll and left for work before seeing the result. When I got home 10 hours later, I realized that my R99 weapon was still in the enchant window. No crystals. I thought at first that maybe I forgot to press the final ok button to enchant it. Or maybe the system had disconnected right as I tried to enchant. But no, the enchant succeeded. The R99 weapon was now +17.


Everyone has an enchant story. Mostly everyone says the same thing, though. It's all dumb luck. (Well, except for those individuals who somehow used the GMs to roll back their fails way back when.) But we do it for the rush. If you are smart, though, you'll just save up and buy the damn +12 weapon. Save a few years on your lifespan.:D

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My take on the subject is that if you don't feel lucky and don't have a fully stacked luck char (with +7 maphr shirt), as well as a good budget for enchanting, don't do it. The success rate is low, and become increasingly lower with enchant levels, it's hard to make money if you can't get a lot of parts to enchant.

Other that what's been said, I feel like it's important to say that the +% chance given by special scrolls or enchant stone is multiplicative, not additive. For exemple: if your enchant success rate is 60% and you use a ticket that adds +10% success rate, the resulting enchant rate won't be (60+10)%=70%, but 60%+ (10% of 60%) so 66%.

Of course that's not what the enchant rate is since I don't know the numbers, and it's most likely way below these numbers (especially at higher level).

Also, if you don't know about how LUC works, it doesn't increase your enchant rate, it is a system that triggers with a low % chance (lady luck smiles upon you) that will gurantee your enchant success when happening. Increasing your LUC stat will simply increase this low chance, so yeah, it indirectly increases your chances of success, but not by much.

Good luck with whatever your decide to do :)

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