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Old Skill from Mystic Muse and Archmage (Cancellation)

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Matthews    0

I know i have read this before from "GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION Patch Notes" which is IMPOSSIBLE to search now.
So here i wanna ask @Juji about this matter.

I believe that any old active debuff skills won't LAND on an Awakened Characters right? Because there's a replacement awakened skills provided too to learn depending on skills. Am i right ?

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xHaseo    82

Why are you asking this on a classic thread tho? I mean...we don't have awakening (MEH, kinda.) in this version. 
Even tho, the answer is : No, you're wrong. 

On the GOD patches you were able to land debuffs on awakened chars even if you were 85 not awakened, for example. Ofc, there are limits 'cause at some point the skills gets too "old" but, you get what i mean. 

But in this game, everything is facked up. In the classic version a level 79 can miss debuffs on mobs lv 20, while raids lv 20 can land debuffs on lv 79 almost 100%. This works pretty much only in PVE tho, on PVP if you're too low, you wont land debuffs...but sometimes if you're higher than your opponent, you may fail debuffs. 

This game is random.  

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