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How to make a dual class?


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Im a noob but i have made several character at level 92 and i keep reading about making a dual class. i found information on L2wiki but i think its old info because the NPC do not give the quests anymore.

can someone please tell me how or point me to an accurate guide on how to make a subclass/dualclass?

actually a are there any good guides for L2 Fafurion?

thank you in advance.

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6 hours ago, degamad said:

Well im embarrassed.. thank you for the answer.


can you tell me do i talk to raina in talking village after i hit 99?

Finish the quest chain from Tatri in Gludio and at lv99 Joachim in Aden will give you Dual Class.

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Tatri in Gludio quest chain takes me to 85 right?

if so i got those it seems you can level up to 85 and awaken in a hour or two. makes it fun for testing different character types.

After 85 i did Karti solo in Aden and hedel kill 200 mobs in Talking Island and Alter of Evil kill 200 mobs 

im now at level 92. 

any advise on what quest to do next? prefer solo since i only log on for a couple hours at a time and trying to do party is almost impossible with my schedule.

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Hi guys, do you if this update also provides R-grade gear to a dualclass?

I've just made a dualcass on my new box character, but the reward pack had only the cloak, bracelet and some other stuff but no gear. You also dont get mentee's diploma after you awake.

I suspect you now get no gear for a dualclass, since NC Soft suddenly seem to have lost their sympathy for dualclasses in general, but plese confirm if you know the way to obtain a weapon for the dualclass for free.

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