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Twister and aura burn , yes , at low level.And vampiric touch to absorb HP from target.

Body To Mind (1) (spellbook) Active
0 0 5500 Sacrifices HP to regenerate MP.

Use this skill at level 25 to regenerate the Mana.

At level 30 . use this to regenerate HP from a death corpse : "Corpse life drain"

14 400 10500 Drains HP from corpses and uses it to restore your HP.
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Level up the main passives : 
Anti magic, robe mastery, weapon mastery and the others like fast hp or mana recovery. Also higher mana gain is worth levelling if you've an SE/Recharger. And ofc, all the others that may be skilled along the way like the quick recovery, boost mana, bla bla bla. 
As for the damage skills, from 20 to 40, level up Twister (main dmg) and vampiric touch (drain HP while dmg). Aura burn is quite useless, as well as flame strike that is AOE but you wont prolly do aoe so not worth it.

After 40+, level up the following : 
passives : as above. all the main passives. You'll need to learn "clear mind" as well, but it requires a SpellBook. 
actives : hurricane (main dmg), vampiric claw (drain HP while dmg), shadow flare (over-hit skill for higher xp), Body to mind (lower ur HP to regen MPs, its usefull cause it regen mana in first place, but it also allow you to go low HP to farm with CDL), mana regeneration may be good as well (buff that increase MP regen but burns 15 spirit ores, use it wisely). Then later on you'll need as well : Silence (block the enemy's magic skills), tempest (aoe skill) and curse death link (lower HP = higher dmg). For this 3 skills you'll need a SB tho, so you need to waste some adenas on them (don't be scammed tho, be 100% sure about what you're going to buy and for how much you're buying). 
Oh, also 'Sleep' may be a usefull skills (as name suggest, puts an enemy to sleep) since the delay is faster now. 

Looks like i listed all the skills, kinda? Nothing more comes into my mind sooo, gl hf ^^ 

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