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Quest 40+


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On 30.08.2019 at 8:38 PM, Semyaza said:

Hi all, can I ask you for help with Quests 40+ ? L2wiki doesnt work for 40+ :/. Is there some quest like AC 300, Ruin 300, ant nest 500, Death pass 500 ? 

I will be glad for each advice. 

Have a nice day 

Hello . the next quest line will begin again only at level 70.


Until then , you can do the daily quests that will unlock at lvl 35 - 40 .....and so on , on diffrent zones requiring to kill an amount of monsters in that zone.

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Theres almost no quests worth doing in this server except the dailies.

Also, theres a Dungeon quest u get from Aden starting at lvl 40 that u can do daily for rewards. U can get anything from buff scroll, 36kk XP/SP potion, Armor C, EWC.

To do this quest go to Aden, go down the stairs and speak to the Dungeon NPC on the right when u come down to the main square. Imo this is the only quest that might be worth doing outside the dailies. With a bit of luck u could make some money.

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