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Transformation How-tos


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I am finding the transformation process very confusing.  The transformation screen is not very informative,, and the patch notes are too sketchy.  and what has happened to the Help menu?  I can't find it in game anymore except when an NPC brings up a screen.

Specifically,  I got my 10 transformation fragments and was finally able to get a standard/high grade spellbook, but I could not figure out how to secure the transformation I wanted which was a high-grade pirate with attack speed/casting speed stats. None of the buttons seemed to work.  And when I did finally seem to imprint a transformation, the spellbook disappeared but nothing appeared in my transformation book slots.

When I logged in today it appears that I was given a plushy cat transform [xp +5%] which is OK, but not what I wanted. And still nothing in my transformation book slots.  It only appears under the standard tab full screen.  I bought the 15 powders and used the transform in the field -- works OK.  But I don't understand why it is not showing in the little boxes. 

I'd like to see/understand the step-by-step process before I get my next 10 fragments. 

Also how do I insert attachments?  There doesn't seem to be an upload button from my pc. I wanted to include an image, but can't.


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Yea, the transformation process is very confusing at first.

You dont get to choose the one u want. Its just luck.

To put them in ur transformation slots on the screem, u need to "favourite them". Theres a little star icon under the transformation in ur collection. Only the ones u select as favourites will show as shortcut on ur slots in the main screen.

One more thing to keep in mind for later. When u have 10 transformations (=100 sealbooks) then u can select one to evolve to the higher level (Advanced). Make sure to select the one u want and evolve that, as the other 9 u use to evolve will just disappear.

As for inserting attachments, im not sure. Maybe u cant and can only post links to stuff.

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