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lag again?


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Latency issues are back! After a while of macro use its coming back. If u stop using UI then it starts again but then i noticed that in live playing also while i was doing outer.

Anyone else having same issues? It is NOT a connection lag....its the same latency we had in attack hits.And its being going on the last few days.

Also targeting is getting slow after some macro use, but it comes fast when u stop and restart.

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 Think lag affected mostly mele dd's evis, titans .... , for example i play 1.5h today with Wunn and didn't see any lag . Then i switch to evis and enter golden compas , and OMFG lag spike every 5 minutes no single hit 5-6-7 sec ??? , and result is low marks collected and almost die few times . until ppl log 7+ box/bots per PC there will no " server stability "

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I'm traveling on vacation in Singapore so I am close to 10,000 miles away from North America and I tried the Golden Compass 3 times, yes it's not smooth but it's playable.  Probably because I'm an archer and I can repeat the 2 main AOE skills kiting.  But it's definately not smooth but nothing like some who complained here into the seconds lag.  Most lag I experienced is around 400-500ms once every 10 seconds, most felt 250-300ms and that's probably because I'm 10,000 extra miles on the other side of the planet.

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