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Ability to cancel buffs


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Good Night (Using Google Translate)

I come here to discuss with the game about the skills that are intended to cancel buff, the classes that have such skills are Feohs, Iss Enchanter and Tyrr Dradnought. I don't understand what NCsfot takes into account when creating a skill for a class. I'm going to analyze, I'm Sigel Knight, Sigel's skills mostly have high reuse, especially skills like UD, the funniest two Sigel UDs have 15 minutes reuse and honestly, it's a skill that only decreases damage, nothing more. does, it serves no purpose, because the damage is being accounted for, in a group pvp fight, it even makes sense, but, in the Olympics, this is where I am taking this discussion in question, it does not, because even if the Sigel doesn't die, he'll lose, because the damage was done, so this 15-minute reused UD skill is a bad joke from NCsoft.

I say this for the reason that, after this update, Sigel got worse, weaker, and it brought more advantages to other classes that already had Sigel Knight advantage. Example, before all Warriors had easy silence from Sigel, today it fails, even me with chance increasing jewels, and me with my chance-matched skill too, to get better, and yet it is failing absurdly, I always notice that every debuff of Sigel Knight fails a lot more than another class, fighting against an Aero Healer for example, silence fails him absurdly, and the funniest thing NCsoft has removed from reusing an Aero Healer skill, which may not defeat a Sigel, but, gains in damage counts, as he doesn't have to worry, as silence fails, and if Sigel uses stun, Focus Shield disables, it's the only class that has multiple skills subordinate to others, if using, cancels, thing which does not occur in other classes, this leaves Sigel stuck, locked in a fight, wondering whether to use it or not, whether to use it without it, is something NCsoft has not imposed on the other classes and that is unfair.

Fighting against an Iss that is extremely strong, Sigel's disadvantage is noted, as Iss uses the ability to be immune to debuff that lasts 17 seconds, hits, uses the ability to absorb damage, hits, turns stone, and aggression is failing more and more, that is, it rarely catches now, this after the upgrade, just as Hold is failing absurdly, silence failing absurdly, the Vanish Stun skill that has a chance to drop stun does not release, fails too much, and debuff which decreases casting speed / atack speed by 20%, sorry NCsoft, 20% just doesn't help Sigel, because I don't see when it catches, the guy slapping or summoning magic more slowly, is a debuff that is useless, NCsoft could delete this debuff, which Sigel wouldn't miss.

Sigel's stun is another skill that fails extremely, rarely catches, and when it resolves to catch, any damage we deal, the debuff goes away, and if we're protected by the Reise Shield buff and using the stun, the buff some goes, just look at how NCsoft hates Sigel and put Sigel full of skills and abilities, but they didn't do it with other classes. Fighting a Dreadnought lose not because I died, I lost why Dreadnought, just like Feoh and Iss have cancel, reading here, the reuse of Dreadbought's ability to cancel buff is 120 seconds, with buff and own jewels, loads well, but much faster and has encate to increase the chance of cancellation. I ask the players, look at their passive skills, they will see that there is no protection or resistance to the buff canceling skill, and there are no jewels that do that, which is a skill that I find appealing. Much more appealing than Sigel's UD, Sigel's UD becomes important in a quest, or a pvp, but in the Olympics we have 3 UDs that do nothing, help nothing, just keep us alive for a short while and only, but, If the DDs do not defeat us, he will win on the damage count, as the UD does not prevent damage, as most classes have no damage ability.

So when fighting Dreadnought several times, I lost because I ran out of a buff, meaning it canceled all of my buffs, even the buff we got from npc which gives us a very small and unsuccessful 30% resistance to buff-canceling. Just look at the issue here, we have passive skills, every class has, which gives us 30% protection depending of course on the lvl stun, the current, the knock down, raise, silence, posion and etc, but we have no passive defense against buff -Cancel. This is an appealing skill, which of course, I agree that in a pvp, in a quest, it is a skill that makes no difference, but in the Olympics, where you fight with almost buff, it is an absurdly appealing skill and Ncsoft when it creates the skills. she must think:

1 - We have to create an ability to help and improve the class in the Olympics against certain class and so on. Or, create an ability to fight better in pvp, group quest and so on.

All in all, NCsoft fails to balance the ranks, Sigel hits a lot weaker than a Dreadnought, Feoh, and nowadays, damage equal to or less than an Iss, even though Iss has the advantage of turning stone, already raises using buff that Immune for 17 seconds, knock, knock, and that's all, turn stone, use buff-canceling skill, having every advantage of fighting without any buff. And here comes Dreadnought and has the ability to cancel buff, and then you fight the guy and when you will see, this one without a buff. This is frustrating, because when you get a temporary debuff you can handle it, but when you lose all buffs, because that class has the ability to remove your buff, and this ability rarely fails, you have nothing to do. and that is wrong with Ncsoft.

Ncsoft is the only company that destroys its own game, it is no use investing in graphics, which is one of the best, if the gameplay is not good, nor PVP has more right in this game. Sigel who was supposed to endure a lot of beating, a lot of damage, today he can't stand anything and the healer ends up having to sweat more and more to keep Sigel alive for the others not to die, because the Sigel class got so weak that even Iss defeats him in Olympics. But, sorry for the outburst, I was annoyed because losing to a Dreadnought because it ran out of buff, due to the class's appealing ability, really annoys, and knowing that there are so many items that resist it, it gets worse, and then remembering that the Sigel's UD has become a skill that only fits PVP and Quest and for the Olympics lost value is a pity.

And realizing that Sigel's debuffs are failing a lot more, meanwhile, other class debuffs are taking a lot more, it really pisses off, not even with cubic summon helping, it resolves, first that the reuse of cubic summons skills is slow, more 10 seconds to act. NCsoft should review the ability to cancel, make it a temporary debuff, such as a debuff that randomly disables a buff for a few seconds instead of removing the buff. Well, even Feoh which is an extremely appealing class has cancel. Iss that has full buff, has cancel. Dreadnought has cancel. While they have passive defense and etc to all debuffs Sigel issues, Sigel has no defense to cancel and that is wrong.


Thank You.

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