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Any replacement to obtain +4 STR/INT/CON/DEX Bracelet?

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The only thing they removed is the Quest that gives the soul bottle for the bracelet, so if u have souls, or a bracelet with a soul already, u can still upgrade them in Hunters Village.
The only other options are:
-Lucien Bracelet, from current event
-Kaliel Bracelet that u can level with scrolls that drop in Primeval Isle
-Dimmensional Bracelet. goes to +5 and 6 slots

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It's not worth to think about 5 slots bracelets - just delete form inventor - if not box.

+1str/int - giving just 0.5-1% dmg bonus - depends how much you have str/int

Better make 6 slots bracelet - in 1 extra slot slot can use faktion +10 talisman with +3%p.attack or +3%m.attack bonus - its bigger dmg boost.

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