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LE ghost sentinal low str? do i gain more p attack as DE


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hey so my question is , after switching my light elf into a ghost sentinel because i picked the wrong class , from moonlight, i gained p attack ok, now would i gain even more p attack if i switched my race to dark elf, because there is like a 10 str race difference, or because im already a dark elf class as a light elf, that p attack gain was from that ? i asked the gm in support same question , waiting on reply, i dont wanna pay for a race change if there is no point and no p attack increase! lol

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Oh and to answer your second question, yes, your LE Ghost Sentinel only has original LE STR stat of 82. even though it's a Ghost Sentinel. You have to change it to a DE so that it can have a base STR stat of 92. But just keep in mind that while DE have more STR, they have less DEX and CON than their light elf cousins. For some players. DEX on archers is a big deal, so just wanted you to be mindful of that. 

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