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+12 Armor Sets: Why the Big Deal?


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On 9/3/2019 at 7:32 AM, Get2ThePoint said:

Is there some special bonus for these sets or something? The seller in Giran wanted, like, half a trillion more adena for his set because all but one piece was +12. Is he just being greedy, or is there some tangible reason why his price is valid? Someone make sense of this. 

more hp, and bonuses for parts - more +++ bigger bonuses.

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I don't recall hearing about any special bonuses when all items of an R grade set are enchanted above +12. You do, however, receive the increased stat bonuses as noted on each piece of armor. For example, an Eternal Leather boot gives you additional run speed the higher it's enchanted. The armor top gives you additional p.atk. The helmet gives you accuracy, iirc. So on and so forth. So a person with a +12 armor set would have more of those stats added to their character than a person with just a +10 set, or lower +++ set.

Hope that makes sense.

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there is really no set bonus benefit by +11 or more... there was a rumor that maybe on the future there will but for now only individual bonuses are the only affected by OE lv

also unless there is a significant decrease on price of protection crystals exchange of +7 or more r99 equipment is expensive as fk so thinking that a +11 r99 set is a good idea to get an r110 set +10 still no so good. I really dream to get my bloody r99 +13 to r110 but its not worth… I got a r110 +10 set and its a little better on stats than the +13 r99 so meh on spending 38XX crystal of protection that are almost 114b to just get a slight increase of stats on the character. (also to make it bloody you need another 20-30b extra so almost 200b to get a +12 r110 ntyvm.)

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