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im a newb summoner and have just finished the awakening lvl 86. i have 3 different servitors that i can summon and i can summon one of each up to 2.

my question is why do i see other people running around with 2 of the same servitor? if im not mistaken i have seen some with more than 2 also?

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At lower levels, there are three general types of servitors: melee, ranged and a tanky one. It makes sense and is more efficient to use two of the same time depending on the mobs you're facing and skills of your servitors. When you reach level 100, you will get two additional superior melee and ranged servitors.

Historically, summoners could conjure up 4 servitors. Over the years it was reduced to 3 and now 2. If you see anyone running around with more than 2 then they just found a way to beat the system or something bugged out.

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