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If you have in this crappy new launcher an option to remember 5 different IDs you should also put an option to remember passwords for them so people dont need to open 5 times the launcher to play.


Just an idea.

This new launcher is 5 times slower than the previous one, at least do some optimization with it. 


Also if you put the game icon to the desktop make it possible to launch the game instantly. No blizzard style plz.

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Just sharing my experience since I was forced to upgrade to this new launcher the day before. No issues on Windows 10 but the launcher will not run on some older Windows 7 builds. I forgot to take a screenshot unfortunately but all I had to do was update Windows 7 and then it would install (version info now is Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1 Build 7601 SP1). This new launcher was developed using an open source library called CEF but they also used .Net wrappers around it hence the degraded performance which you will definitely notice on older spec'ed machines (have a 2012 laptop with an AMD Brazos APU : S). So maybe try updating your OS if the installer doesn't work or crashes.

Have not had any issue with DCs at all since upgrading, laptop is on Wifi and Windows 10 is on LAN. Took this screenshot a few mins ago.





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I have both launchers but I only use the new one because it remember 5 Id's, is a little slow because is a launcher for all NC games and... wait, now i can't open this #%&$ O.o
...let me see... ok at 3rd try :P, usually works at 1st, you are the bad luck ¬¬ 

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On 9/6/2019 at 7:17 AM, socketka said:

or you wont be able to log into L2 game anymore. launcher is only for some crappy game and you will get no possibility to play L2 anymore.

thanks juji.

If you don't use Launcher then how can you get into the game? I want to try since it keeps crashing.

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Funny, they gave us months to downloand and adapt to the new launcher. One would imagine to squash out these kinds of bugs. But here we have late adapters complaining about things not working after it's a requirement.


Now live with your choices and wait for a fix.

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3 hours ago, GhostintheShell said:

new launcher is way better...

if you allow 7 clients, why not remember 7 username?

I vote to remember 7 user names instead of 5, to match the maximum allowed

Not only usernames, but remembering passwords will be a good option too. Literally every other launcher out there has the option to remember your password...

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