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Its nearly impossible for a new player to obtain the end-game gear without pay real life money to invest into the game. Therefore , if you wish to enjoy the pve aspects of the game without paying anything and just by playing , the game offers R-grade equipment(immortal armor and weapons) to all lvl85 toons by exchanging their diploma from the mentor's guide.Once obtained this armor will be bound to your character and will be unavailable the trading of it. The game offers a variety of instances that once you complete them , you gain various rewards(either from kartia researcher in Aden or from Teredor's Instance in Schuttgart or Zaken's Expedition by porting from Giran's Harbor). It will be difficult in the beginning since there is always a chance of crappy drops or in a better case scenario you may end up not getting any of the drops(random drop pick system). Gathering the items you gain and selling them in shops with 0% tax rates or in AH will make you some profit. But in the end as mentioned before the other way you keep up with the demands of the game if you are new in it is by selling ncoins or bundle that need ncoins to purchase and sell them ingame from adena or trade them for equipment. Before selling anything though it will be wise to offer some of your time to check the price on the market so you will make a fair trade for both you and the buyer , hope i helped :)

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