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Adamantite Nugget Spoil Broken


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Good night!


Have been spoiling Adamantite Nugget from Harit Lizardman Warrior for 1 hour or more, and got 0.

Spoiled Cave Servant Warrior for more than a hour and got none.

Spoiled Maluk Succubus for about 50 adds and got none again.

Same happened to Craftman's Mold

Royal Cave Servant killed for a hour and got 0.

Taik Orc Watchman for a hour and got another 0.


Bug on spoil of Adamantite Nugget. The market is so broken and a bunch of new commers have left the servers for privates because they can't afford to pay the overpriced items in the server thanks to bugs like this one. Please, fix it.

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The gm's and devs of this game doesn't care, as it seems, maybe you guys are insterested in the current situation of the game, right?

I mean, does you guys understand that the more players you have, the better the game is, right? Or you all are only worried about your own pocket as adena sellers?


Never thought i were going to say this but, a illegal server seems to be better than the official servers of a MMO... wtf right?

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Hey, what did u get from spoiling them? What lvl are u? If they are toi big oe too small spoil drops. Also, there are 2-3 different types of the same momster sometines that drop different stuff. They are just at different locations. U can see the  types in l2 wiki classic.


Also, i have tested the spoil rates extensively and can say that with VIP 4 the rates are about half of what u see in l2 wiki. 


Besides stupidly low rates, i never had a problem spoiling what i need.

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Harit Lizardman warrior has no different type of itself, the cave warrior are the one using shields and Taik Orc Watchman are yellow, the harit, maluk and royal servant are rosé. Im 46 atm. Already studied all their spots and types, nothing helped.


The thing is, i got the message of spoil succeded very often, but there's no loot from sweep, in the other hand, when i try to spoil Thunder Wyrm or Headless Knight it just works fine. I'm not vip at any level.


I just figured out that there's a place in l2store where you can buy materials for craft, maybe this is it.

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Thats weird. You should get at least one for around 30 kills. I do know that level difference makes it even worse. Im not talking about spoil succeeding, but the mob actually dropping anything.

One type of Headless knight has much higher ratios to drop iron ore at least and the Wyrm a recipe. Is that what u mean?

I have never experienced a situation where the  item doesnt drop at all, but then again L2 wiki isn't meant to be 100% accurate with our version.

As for what u mentioned about getting materials in store, u dont buy them. You can only get them useing silver coins. You can get silver coins ifrom killing mobs when you are VIP 3 or 4. But dont count on it, you wont get nearly enough to supply all ur crafting needs. Just save it for the rarer materials.

I have to say that spoil only becomes worth it after lvl 68+. At those lvls there are mobs that drop u 1:1 all the time. Also, when u go catacombs/necropolis at those lvls u will spoil more in 2-3 days than all the spoil u did up to that point. Dont give up on the spoiler even if it seems pointless in this stupid server :)

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