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14th Anniversary Celebration Overview


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  • L2 Team

Dear players,

The Lineage II 14th anniversary celebration is underway! In addition to the start of the Spring Harvest event, you’re now able to take full advantage of bonus server settings, flex your artistic muscle in the Mega Media Contest, and join us this week on your server for a special GM Event before ushering in the official level up to 14 years on April 28. Here’s a recap of all the anniversary goodness going down for you to enjoy. Enjoy!


Mega Media Contest

The time has come to put your passion for Lineage II into creative overdrive. We’re continuing the celebration of the game’s teenage years with the 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest! All of Aden’s talented and innovative adventurers are called upon to forge fantastic works of art that represent your best Lineage II experiences. We'll be accepting your entries through May 25, 2018.

Before you get to work on your masterpiece, be sure to read up on the rules and requirements via the Mega Media Contest page.

GM Event

Lineage II producer Neutron and I will visit each server this week and mingle with players, offer up buffs, show off some fanciful GM trickery, and unleash other sweet, sweet surprises for you. Check the below times and be there or be square!

  • Chronos: 5pm–5:30pm PDT Thursday, April 26
  • Naia: 10am–10:30am PDT Friday, April 27
  • Freya: 11am–11:30am PDT Friday, April 27

An announcement will be made in-game on your server when the event is officially starting.


Spring Harvest Event

Puss the Cat has returned for Spring Harvest with more smashable food items! Go hunting, collect nectar, grow squashes, and smash them for rewards inside. With the arrival of the harvest you'll also find a number of L2 Store updates available to satiate even the most eclectic array of appetites. The Spring Harvest will be available until May 16 and all event-related items will be deleted May 30, 2018.

Take a look at all the shop additions and event details on the Spring Harvest page.

Bonus Server Settings

A lot of you have asked for a more gratuitous benefit than double adena drops on weekends. To commemorate the anniversary and mark this special time of year we’re going to try something a little different. Hopefully you’ll find it beneficial!

Here’s the breakdown and schedule for 14th anniversary bonus server settings.

  • 300% Vitality Bonus
    • April 25–May 16
  • No XP Loss upon Death
    • April 25–May 16
  • 200% Item Drop Rate on Weekends
    • April 28 12:01am–April 29 11:59pm Server Time
    • May 5 12:01am–May 6 11:59pm Server Time
    • May 12 12:01am–May 13 11:59pm Server Time
    • May 19 12:01am–May 20 11:59pm Server Time


We encourage you to share your anniversary thoughts and get the discussion going in this thread.


The Lineage II Team

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