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VIP status buggy ?


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i have VIP 2 status .. and it says +20% dropps... may it be chance, or ammount, dosent matter

in fact.. i get less dropps than without VIP ...

i tested yesterday for 4 hours with 2 different accounts.

main account with VIP =20 animal bones in 4 hours.....

2nd account same location same mobs 4 hours = 95 animal bones .....

any explanations about this ?


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Can i ask, was ur VIP account in a party or solo? Because the drop rate gets divided throughout the party. If u have one VIP account in a party of no VIPs, that 20% rate will get divided by the number of ppl in the party and becomes almost meaningless.

Would it be possible for u to do a test? Reset your xp and start farming. See roughly how much u get per mob. Then at the end of the test see how much xp u got in total and that way u know roughly how many mobs u killed (if u kill only one type).  Then see how many drops. This way u can have good data to see whether or not something is wrong. I would be interested to see this as well if ur willing to do it. And then compare to l2 wiki classic database..

This would be a good way to conclusively show whether or not they are scamming us with the VIP? Unfortunately i cant test this myself as i dont have a character whos not VIP atm...

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ok exactly i tested this :   i have 1 acc with  VIP 2 and one with no vip

i made in booth accounts 2 new chars, and played till i got to the  ruins of agony quest stepp for the 300 kills....

with vip 2 i got less dropps  ( materials like bones stem iron and so on )  as with the 2nd account without VIP


what i did not know so far was : that the bonus % of the vip status is shared along the party.but it makes sense .

i forgot to make screenshots from the logout reporting window, so i will do the test tomorrow again, and hopefully not forget the screenshots than^^

the XP with and without VIP semms to be correctr since my vip account always got more xp than the one without.

just the dropps are realy erm well.. bleeped up^^


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