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About karma (PK), changes are essential.


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Now with the automatic macro system, what we see is several groups of chars in locals rising and thus dominating the places. However, the owners of these chars are always watching the machine, and when someone needs to do a quest only, they keep giving PK all the time, because for them, that place belongs to him. That's what happened to me when I needed to finish a quest that had to collect 100 items from a mob.

When my idea about PK changes is nothing more than a Lineage system that killed someone without him backing out, he gets his name in red and gets karma, and needs to kill a lot of mobs to remove karma. .

But in my opinion, whoever does this needs to be punished in some way, formerly dropped the item when defeating someone who has given pk and who was with karma, this is no longer true, but this player needs to be aware that giving pk has your problems. So I will give suggestions for this and let's go to them:


1 - Karma can be removed mob, either killing mob or scroll as it occurs today, but the amount of PK given cannot be removed and it is this amount that will determine everything that will come next.

1.1 - The higher amount of PK given, the player will lose status, ie he will have less atack speed, casting speed, p.atack, m.atack, p.defense, m.defense this will occur until he reaches the maximum that it would be 50% less than all that. I will give an example, he will get a debuff that will reduce all this, and the maximum taken will be up to 50% and goes up to a certain lvl, just put that the maximum debuff will reach lvl 5, already starts taking 25% of everything .
1.2 - Once this debuff reaches lvl 5, it gets another debuff depending on the amount of karma that will decrease critical rate, magic critical rate, evasion, magic evasion, and skill reuse up to 50% as well and lvl 5.

1.3 - Once you reach lvl 5 of the second debuff, the PK will lose elemental protection and debuff resistance, ie it will be debuffed very easily and the PK debuff will fail more.

Well, that's an interesting idea for those who love finding owners of UP sites. And they would make them think twice, after all, if they have mobs for everyone, why be selfish, ah! and if PK is Hero, Hero's abilities are disabled. Another thing, the PK would also lose amount of healing, could fit one of those 3 examples I gave, namely the healer when healing, will heal less and less.

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