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Does prophecy of might affect normal crit rate or only skill crit rate?


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I should have rephrased and asked if PoM affects normal attacks or only skill attacks, but I'll take your answer as a yes (it affects normal and skill attacks)? The reason I asked is because the DPS from my feline queens seems to come almost exclusively from normal attacks, not their skills. From a pure PVE perspective, is there any reason not to choose to box a Hierophant over other ISS classes? It looks like PoM is the most useful compared to other "unique" buffs like Chant of Bison? Or maybe I'm missing something.

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POM increase physical/skill/magic critical rate and damage.

As it for being the best box iss i wouldve said deffinatly yes 1 update earlier.

But having a war or wiz lvl 2  increases damage quite a lot too.

Crier harmony having the reduced skill cooldowns for fighters.


so yea there are quite a lot of reasons to choose another. depending on ur class

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