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sea of spores geodata bugs like hell


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dear support, mods, admins whatever ..

how we are supposet to farm  spellbooks for a warcryer, if the only 2 mobs in sea of spores who dropping them spawning at places where we cant see them, target them, or even attack them ?

is this geodata a bleeping joke ? or java ? or is it  realy lineage 2 stuff . ???

https://www.mediafire.com/view/8ht8gflfvm18lnm/Shot00005.jpg/file https://www.mediafire.com/view/8ht8gflfvm18lnm/Shot00005.jpg/file



why these are the oinly 2 mobs after all who dropps the most important  WC  books ......and how we are supposet to get them, if pony bots there farming 24/7 with 1 trillion ponys ?

ahh btw, since it seems that some amateuers are running this  classic server ...just a reminder, if u change the loot table and dropps. be sure to not bleep it up like with the plated leather gaitairs in cruma 2 .. where u removed the only mob who is dropping them, and the patterns ^^

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