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PVP / PK system broken

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ZTerminator    7

I have played since prelude.

The current state of the PVP and PK system is so flawed the game is not worth playing anymore.


Going red use to have penalties. Now you can buy PK scrolls and even worse 100% rez. In addition if you kill a perma red it gets revenge. Combine this with instant teleports and the system is beyond flawed. 

Reds should not be able to instant teleport.

Reds should not get revenge option.

Pk scrolls should not exist except maybe very rare limited quantities.



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mijati    1

the whole server, with all this modded , changed p2w crapp should not exist.this crapp has nothing to do with lineage 2, espacaly not with classic .. classic would be harbingers of war ...

glad 1.oktober shadowkeep arrives,

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