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End of a decade dedicated to official lineage 2

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MadaY    5
hello ladies and gentlemen of lineage 2 it hurts to say this but this game is over. I started in 2010 and I have experienced server crisis
in some updates but this is the worst by far apart from the fact that it is a game that is no longer attractive, the limitation of characters
and complexity to become a good character either pvp or pve has discouraged me a lot This game has lost all its essence even in the
classic but it is what touches life and this game has come to an end and we will have to look for new challenges and more dynamic games.
Sadly I will abandon this wonderful game


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Helvie    15

Farewell, MadaY.  I'm considering quitting as well, i've recently realized I had more fun and spent more times on forums than in game and it makes me sad that forum's dying as well (we all know why but if I say it i will get banned... again).

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