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My 79 sps in full a grade and branch of mother tree has 3300 matk and 1500 cast speed, 1k pdef. 

My 79 pony in b grade armor and an soes has 7000 matk and 1300 cast speed, 1700 pdef 1700 patk on summon, plus transfer pain haha.


Yea, broken, but it xp's super fast so I won't complain too much. We won't have an update for 6 months easily, so enjoy. 

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34 minutes ago, EncubeREAL said:

stop paying for store, maybe then they wake up

that would only delay an update that balances ponys and song or purification due to lack of funding.

i dont disagree that reducing the income of a vendor forces their hands to do what you want, but there is no easy way to start a resistance like that unfortunately. (plus i dont mind the store or the inbalances, anyone who came to this game late needs a pony to catch up bc they are insanely strong)

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On 9/24/2019 at 4:05 AM, Jesus_fkn_christ said:

Do you mean those Elven Summoners ? Because there are like 20 of them in Execution Grounds and I dont get Undeads with my Cleric

Yup, those guys. They're like scurrying bleep roaches, except they don't scurry anymore because they don't fear GM's or bans.

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