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WTB Red Cat's Eye Lvl 3/4


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2 hours ago, Healingbewbs said:

You can't buy Red/Blue Cat under Lv. 5 because there's no way to box them (not sure if the Dragon promo give you a random jewel in the box or the jewel directly.. if it's in the box then you could get lucky I guess).

Yeah, I just checked and saw it can't be boxed. Which is stupid though :/ Why only this one can't be boxed?

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The last person who opened a ticket inquiring about boxing Red/Blue Cats got this response:

Sadly the answer that I got is like "Unfortunately, we are unable to grant the transfer of your Red Cat's Eye, since this is considered as an end-game. We are not granting any transfer of end-game items and materials." and "I'm afraid that we're unable to assist you on this, as these are considered as end game items. Thank you for understanding."

This was more than a year ago, considering all the amazing new stuff have in-game now perhaps it's about time we got the option to box them. Something for @Juji to consider I guess.

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