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Few questions


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Well there are some daily instances (those with a * are mostly for DROP/Adena): 
Kartia 95 (Aden) 
Kama 99 (Aden) 
Crystal Cavers 97 (Parnassus) 
Baylor 97 (Parnassus) 
Balok 97 (Parnassus)* 
Tavern 99 (Underground Gainak) 
Gludio 99 (Gludio)*

Dont expect much Adena or Drops from those. Best way to get Adena ist buy stuff from the L2Store with NCoins and sell it to other players for Adena. 

At the moment, also fishing has become a good source of income again. Go get a Rod, some baits and some shots, go fishing and hope for some "Powerful Fishes". Exchange 4 Powerful Fishes at the Fishing NPC for 3 Elcyum Powder, then sell Elcyum Powder in the Auction House for 3,2kk to 3,4kk.

For getting XP, i would advice you to find a group or even a clan that does long term XP-Parties in Hellbound. It depends on your class ofc, but Healers, ISS and Tanks are often welcome to those parties.    

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Do the Dimensional Gap and Rift dailies in Aden, from there NPC next to Tarti. They give some stuff like giant books (even mastery ones), kaliel energy and others that can be sold to gain some Adena.

Farm in Blazing Swamp if you can find a spot. The Adena rate is okay for thesev easy mobs. You'll also get Damaged Spellbooks and materials that also can be sold.

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