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Cemetary mobs bugged after recent maintenance

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Isotrope    2

They are bugged like all the mobs spawning on top of objects like rocks, ledges etc. that didn't exist prior to this recent maintenance. Certain spots like the graveyard squares in the back. Now nearly all mobs are bugged and spawn on top of the tombstones. Again this was not happening when I went there before. 

Please fix these bugged mob spawns like the notorious one in Sea of Spores. Any mob that spawns even slightly on a vertical axis does not get picked up by auto-target. This is a feature of the game and hence it is a gamebreaking bug if it does not work as it should due to mob spawns being bugged. 

These bugged mobs will make an impact as the mob spawns are set to a certain quantity and these bugged mobs take up that amount. This has an impact on mob availability with the existing bot problems as well as players being able to use the auto-target function with more mobs being actually available. 

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