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{Sayha's Seer}

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Hi, GM,NCSoft.NCwest.Or any who can tell me from game managers wtf with sayha's seer class wrong ? why so nerfed? where theys P.Deff? or Reduction to Crit or any damage from other players or mobs ? that seer its 1 hit person who can kill any boosted or not boosted player who had gear. so why not explain to people why Sayha's Seer class was created to this Goddess of Destruction Lineage 2 global servers ? if they are paper if we looks from any other person side... why then ertheia pach become here ? to pull more peple to global L2 ? lol.. and after ertheia pach make him nerfed why? why another's class always gotta boosted? like feoh/tyrr/othell/iss enchanter/yull/ or sigel ? why all L2 managers don't work on sayhas seer class ? how people can enjoy this game if they can't play with that class whatewer they want.... what is corruption here... I cant believe my eyes...

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Astarothy    5

Wow, so salty. Stop and take a deep breath, dear.

Sayha Seer is a one-shot out of hide because it's meant to be like that, simple. It's a high damage oriented class (towards pvp, mainly), not a defensive type. Overall, Evisc lays on same level too if you exclude the time they r out of steel mind effect.

So basically, Ertheia is the new kamaels on early chronicles, deal with it.

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meskiukas    23

if this class played right in Olympiad or pvp it is beasts because they keep perma hide jump on you use debuffs if debuffs failed go back to hide if not hit 5 times and go to hide repeat = easy win. yes if its caught its few hits class but it was made as mage assassin in mind and it is strong in right hands with right items(no need op items to play good), yes it is waek ws tanks or stronger archers/othells but overall strong pvp class but you need brain to play it .

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iBuff    5

@Playerfromchronos  wow... just wow...  people are crying all the time for a nerf for the class and you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

1. Probably the strongest 1vs1 PVP class

2. Probably most powerful in the Olympiad 

3. Very strong vs single mobs/bosses

4.Weak aoe... oh noes... 

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