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World Olympiad is Coming! Grand Olympiad Ending October 2

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TheThrax    60

@Juji@Hime Hello all,
First, those weeks till reveal passed :) Can we have some info about it?Olympiad schedule?
So, I guess tomorrow is the big day for new chronicle update. Can we have some info about it?Patch Notes?
You said something about Halloween event and store update. Can we have it start tomorrow?
We have have another 2 important unanswered questions pending from some time:
1. Server Transfer?
2.RedLibra for main event (I gave an argument for it in another thread :))
Can we have an update on those too?


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joyswings    4
On 28.09.2019 at 6:49 AM, Healingbewbs said:

No blue chat for the whole month of November? I'll take this as an awesome free event ^_^

I hope I got it right. Now the matches will be held between Naia-Chronos and the new heroes will come out of these matches ... Will we still be able to participate as an audience? I believe it will be pleasant. 

As for the quote: I would have expected it to be, but the statement says that the old heroes will remain in November

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