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ISS Sword Muse + Minimum Gear


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Hello folks,

I would like to change my 102 dual to Iss SwM and i was wondering if it is worth playing atm.

Also i would appreciate some advice for cheap and efficient gear like weapon/talismans/jewels/dyes, as well as some advice on setup (weapon choice, ap/revelation skills and enchanting skill priority).

Atm i own a +6 R99 120 Hvy set , lv3 Brooch jewels (tanza/diam/emer/aqua) , S.Frint , Longing + some augs (skill refresh and giant augs).

Thanks in advance!


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I find SWM very very good in PVE - but you need to be active in pt to take advantage of the swift praise skill.

The mass debuff can be a bid hard to get off  - but a simple macro  rush in - single debuff - single debuff will get you in tridal stage easy - you can debuff but you can also give you pt mp. A active SWM is a big boost for any PVE pt you can keep 150% dmg up alot. .   - Oly good-   mass PVP not so good - but there are no pvp on Naia server anyway so who care.

Iss job is to buff / debuff - cast br and dont die all the time.  So you want health - defence and reduce skill colddown. 


GEAR (on a budget)   

+6 R99 120 Hvy set , lv3 Brooch jewels (tanza/diam/emer/aqua) , S.Frint , Longing -  this is great, no need to change .

Cheap stuff you can do

aria's bracelet with +4 CON  

PVE defence belt  -7% PVE dmg is great and cheap.

Sword with health SA   like kain stone health  + leona stone  crit rate + health.  - you can go dual (more dmg)  or sword / shield for (more defence) 

Rings:   Ring of creation + QA soul   ( you want all the resists) (not so cheap do)  

Necklace: you have

Earring: orfen soul  + pvp stun  

Hair:  +3 CON 

Dyes: + CON 

Shirt: Just the old shirt from 10 days quest. 

cloak:   iss cloak 

talisman: - they are not cheap vernir with +1 CON 

ofc there are loads of better stuff you can get - but not on budget :-D 


Have fun


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Thanks for the tips!

Sword + shield is great! I think i will go full survivability setup, in order to be able to stay alive and support!

More or less i have what u mention ?.... Apart from the belt and the rings (having octa+coc).

One question if i may, dbfs land rate is mental/based on STR or just random?


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