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Types of enchant


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Randomly increases enchant value by 1, or up to 3. Useful while enchanting an item +2, that way you can get +5 item safely, if you're lucky.


You will not loose the item enchant value, if the enchanting fails. Usable up to +6.


100% Success rate...you can't fail the enchant, but the usage is limited (Armor up to +7 / Mage Weapon +7, other weapons +12)

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Quick clarification...

Destruction Scrolls: There are both armor and weapon type. Armor allows you to attempt an enchant up to +6 without losing the previous enchant value if it fails. For weapons, it is up to +15 for fighter type weapons. +7 if it's a mage weapon.

Ancient Enchant Weapon Scrolls: There is more than one type. Some allow you to attempt an enchant up to +16 only, keeping the previous enchant level if it fails. There was a second type of AEWR in game that allowed you to enchant higher than +16, but I have not seen any of those around in ages. The catch? You can't tell the difference between the two. You won't know until you try to enchant a +16 or higher weapon. So if you buy an AEWR, make sure you ask the seller if they've tried to use it on a +16 or higher weapon. They may not tell you the truth, but doesn't hurt to ask.

Heavenly Enchant Weapon Scrolls: You can safely enchant a fighter weapon up to +12 with 100% success. You can safely enchant a mage weapon to +7 with 100% success. I thought they were going to change that with the new update, but I don't think they did.


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