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Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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33 minutes ago, spid0rc said:

players cant log more than 3 box but bots can and are swarming all lvl 103-  hunting spots .

really good work

now i cant find partys to do stuffs, and cant log in my own chars to do stuffs on game....

the job u guys doing to keep players form developing on the game is really awesome. or u pay tons of cash to get 105 (at least) fast and buy +++++ gear to an good clan invite u.

or u stay on city trying to form a party for hours just to do instance in 15 minutes and get 0 drops.

If bots can log more than 3 box NCsoft should have to do something to stop this. They didn t stopped the bots ... they only give a bot for everyone(this macro sistem).

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I am so thankfull the 3 client limit has arived, very good job from ncwest. 1. No more acc1 t/m 30 name characters ingame. 2. Faster XP spots taken less players to pk. 3. No more queue

TY. TY. TY.. Ncsoft...it was late but it finally arrived

The client limit restriction has been changed to 3 clients per PC.>> Amazing. Thanks NCSOFT. Please make it permanent. Finally revert back to normal setup which is around for so many years.

If the deccision was taken to limit to 3 accounts logged, maybe you should consider to change (increase) the drop rates, you transformed us in little slaves working on L2 plantation, we dont get anything from farming, no adena, no parts, no spoil not to mention the full drops. This is the hardest server from all L2 official servers. Instead you do smth about the bots you just kept lowering the drop rates that are close to zero now.

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limited acc 3, buts continue.
the disconnect problem didn't solve and it seems they won't solve either, you should worry about who really wants to play, as beginners, who favors who is already strong and who uses forbidden programs like buts, took the 7 acc limit that favors to real players.

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