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Quests after lvl 40


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8 hours ago, Needle said:

Im coming up on lvl 40 soon and so far there has been some scattered questst along the way to help with progression.
Are there no more quests after 40?

U pew pew mobs now broskie. And keep pew pew'ing them until 76, then u have a small quest to class change. Then pew pew some more

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Hey Needle,

At your level the options for quests are mostly just the Daily ones (ie: Nos at level 35-50, Forest of Mirrors at level 45-60, etc)

However you will get the most xp/sp from Cruma Tower at your level. If you have xayah buffs, or a dualbox or two, you should be able to start farming there either now or soon, depending on your gear.

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