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Computer Problem


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I have a problem with my computer and L2.

when i run two clients sometimes the computer says shutting down ,,,and just shuts down.

it only happens when i run two clients. i know its my computer and not the game but i just wanted to post this here in just in case anyone else here has experienced the same problem and has some ideas on what to do about it.

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3 hours ago, degamad said:

Dell precision laptop.I7

Notebooks are not suited to play games like L2 :) Notebooks are limited resurces...IM sure you knew that allready.
Here explanation: L2 use lot of resurces>>>Notebook get very hot>>>Fans dont manage to evacuate the heat>>>Notebook shutdown for protection.
Solution is to buy a PC :) Even a junk desktop pc dualcore proc/8gbram/medium graphic/SSD will run L2 much better then your Notebook.

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