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Odd issue with party drop mechanics.


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Being in party with higher level character(s) in a town causes drops for the lower level character(s) who are in hunting zones to get messed up.

Example: I play my lowbie chicken, who is level 32. I party my warcryer (who is level 50) in town and get buffs. I teleport the lowbie(32) to execution grounds and start hitting mobs, with the warcryer(50) still in town, but also still in party. Lowbie gets no drops of any sort. No items, no adena, nothing. I /dismiss the warcryer from the party, drops start up again. I party my SE (51), who is in town and drops stop completely again.

Lowbie's account has VIP3, buffer account has no VIP at all (yet).

Pretty sure that this has never been the way that parties work. The higher level characters are not near the lowbie (not in exp sharing range), so shouldn't be affecting drop rates. Something is mucked up.

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