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Several issues with Auto-Hunt


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Hello. After the recent update at 16/10/2019, i ve noticed several weird bugs. First, Auto-Hunt not working at all, it shows toggled but nothing happens. I ve tried the Action Next Target and also doesnt work. Then, when i first log in to the game my character won't stop running, i left-click everywhere and doesn't work, even the blue indicator won't show. I managed to work through that with relog. And last, sometimes i can't put the potions in the toggle window, i can see them in the little window when show to register a potion, but i can't drag them or double click them to toggle window. Anyone else has experienced any of this?

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Auto-Hunt not working: You likely have inadvertently changed the next target type. Menu -> Options -> Game Play tab -> At bottom, "Set Next Target" and change it to "Monster". There is a shortcut that changes this (rotates through options) I believe it is CTRL+T.

Unable to drag potions: Your shortcut bar is likely locked, this prevents adding macros to auto-hunt window, adding items to auto-use supplies, as well as adding/selecting potions in auto-potion window.

Automatic Running: There is a keyboard shortcut to automatically run forward, I believe it is NumLock, check if key is sticky perhaps.


Hope some of this helped.

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I have managed to to fix the first 2 problem, the thing i cant get over is the Auto Run. It's furstrating, i ve tried the NumLock and it doesn't do anything, i have to relog. Sometimes my char would start running after a couple of minuites of the relog.


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