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Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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On 23-10-2019 at 9:54 AM, Shoppy said:

Again no update.

So now what? We get patched next week, on the 30th, with no patch info a week ahead and everybody goes blind into Olympiad without knowing new Olympiad Times, the new best-out-of-3 system?

Looks like it's more important to pump out L2Store promotions and 'keep the people that can't bot' happy "free to participate" events.



*oh the glorious sound of crickets chirping*

An other week went by, an other post was made, and it once again got completly ignored.

But at least Juji promised us a free to play participate promotion for Halloween to go live along the patch, because a promotion start on same day as update never failed.

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13 hours ago, Dawe said:

I have shared the link so many times already. But there is always some "NCWest Exclusive Special Version with Excluded Items for future L2Store Promotion" version of the patch, so we never 100% sure on what we do and do not get when the patch info gets revealed on the European servers. With the number of quests, zones and items removed it would be awesome to have notes from @Juji a week or two again. But... nevermind

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