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Fix PK In Giran server


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Everyday i get pk around 10-15 times from Elemental Sumoners (R3venge,Poutana)  Mostly.and Im 79-80 lvl with few chars. BTW when i kill the pk he got revenge and port near me is that normal NCSoft ? also u shout  make A Bigger penalty Like run walk cast speed atack speed m def p def .for example Over  50 PK he get penalty By 100 (speed,cast speed.atack speed.m.def.p.def) also when Riding,his/her summons shout be disapear.Otherwise just remove AutoMacro farm coz i dont wanna make  a fun to noobs who is boring from game and pk all day afk players..You shout find solution for chars who use pk only with summonings mostly.Dont Get me wrong i like pk,pvps but not in this unfair way.Soon on server will be only  summoners pk chars

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100% agree. This server primoyes afk macro leveling.

With consistent pking by ponies who can ride mount and use summon, can revenge u back, can use teleport whenever freely etc... It doesnt work.

Either do something about the pk system, or something about the afk system.

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