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Feoh archmage question advices


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hello to all..

i am feoh 105 and i have the following gear.... bloody robe set+10, bloody retri+12 3sa, tezza soull, ring of creation, queen ant soull ring,orfen soul ring,shiny elemental shirt +6, artifact boxt level 1 containing 2 artifacts, 1 for attack attributes and one for defense the basics curently i have 470 attack attri and freya cloak....i have emerald saphire, diamond ,pearl all lvl 2 , hellfire and longing talismans, also venir lvl 12,and abundance lvl 1 all my forgotten skills except vitalizing are lvl 7 and all my skills +10, i have a circle of forsight +5 and a tautis bracelet normal. and forgot to say zaken simple.... i have available 3.5 b... i use mana armor fire and essence of mana always and i farm in enchanted valley fairly good and much better in hellbound. In enchanted valley i loose mp but i regen it kind of fast ,, i always wondered the reasons u lose mp when u have mana armor on is the damge the mobs make on u? i cant solo tanor or aligator ... what advice can u give me consider the adena i have right now? i am trying to improve my char a lot of time now ... i would be delightedt to hear ur answers

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That amount of adena won't hep you. Try to buy an Aden cloak +7 the hellfire talisman keep it in your WH change the weapon augment to M.crit dmg and HP with M.crit dmg and sell your +10 bloody sett you don't need it and its expensive buy instead a +7 normal robe sett and buy a necklace with skill reuse.

Mages don't need m, skill crit rate stat buy a seed bracelet and +6 tersi guard agathion to compensate for p.def loss from armor. From the Forgotten Power skill invest only in the Magical attack one.

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