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Lets Talk Pk Toons!


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Good Evening ladies and gentlemen or anything in between, I have a few query's and possible a suggestions for these PK characters.

I have been pk'd countless times now and its getting to the point that im thinking the community of lineage 2 dont want new or returning players to progress, I see it all the time and usually im being pk'd by elf summoners that are atleast 75+ (i am currently level 50... but been getting pk'd since level 25) The only people with these types of disposible accounts/characters would be those who already have reached the higher end of levels. So!!!..... my question is.. why the hell do people complain about no Pvp all the time when you yourself are causing the problem, my first day back in game i was pk'd atleast 20+ times and im not joking it got to the point someone came every 15 - 20 mins all day refusing to let me exp without reason i even asked them and they would not reply to me.


Do you actually want this game to be enjoyable for all or only enjoyable for yourself? because i promise it wont be enjoyable when you cant log in anymore because no one plays anymore. Be the better side of the game if you own a pk toon and usually mess with randoms, go constantly kill bots (you no the ones) make it not cost affective for the person running them. dont allow them to make adena for a few weeks and i promise they will dissapear (atleast for abit till they think the coast is clear)


I want to see the old type of PvP again not all this PKing low level toons.

And im not saying dont pk at all, sometimes its worth a pk like you go to a exp spot you realise the other pt is afk and ksing you... damn right pk them thats the game, thats their problem. but if your pking just to pk and nothing else then im afraid you are apart of the problem and sadly you are the reason no one PvPs anymore

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It's a pay2win game, so the term "enjoyable" is very loose.For some people enjoying the game is to PK you multiple times.Also you're technically KSing the bot owners that farm adena on the best spots, so you get PKed for KS :)

Also, don't forget all the "players" that were QQing to change the PK system, which lead to this situation we have now.There is no way the game will adapt to your needs, but you have to if you want to play.

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