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Suggestion: Make Tank Cubics recyclable


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On 28/10/2019 at 11:13 PM, Eon776 said:

I suggest making tank Cubics recyclable by being able to right-click them like many other skills.

Good afternoon

For me this is the least. They want to improve Sigel to be able to fight on equal terms with other classes in the Olympics, which now have short time and Sigel has no skills like Hide, or absorb damage and etc., Sigel's reflection is rubbish, especially after NCsoft has created items that resist Sigel's damage reflection, I want to challenge Ncsoft to create items that resist cancellation, halff kill, and so on.

To improve Sigel the Reise Shield and Focus Shield skills should not be disabled when using Shield Bash and etc., after all, Sigel needs to use these skills, and here comes Ncsoft with his hatred for the class, yes, Ncsoft has always shown In class hate updates, it creates two even interesting skills which they deactivate when using 3 skills that are important in the fight, which it doesn't do with any other class in the game. Increase Defense. And increase Defense. After all, if Sigel does low damage, then let him be what he was born to be, extremely tough without having to appeal to UD. Decreasing the reuse of UD, I think 15 minutes is too much for a skill that in the background, doesn't protect that much, used it and we take very high damage the same way, I used UD there, and still took 186 k from a Feoh.

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Not sure it is possible because they are an external summon... But if you look at other chars such as Tyrr where just about everything fathomable is recyclable it would make sense. And seeing how some synergy buffs ride through them, yeah make it so.


EDIT: Also the Rise shield sort of skills are buggy, and the tank can't move correctly with them enabled... So they are practically useless.

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