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Tips For new update, where to hunt 105 + and farm Adena


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Hi All

I thought of starting a good thread about where you can hunt after 105+ and where to get a decent amount of adenas with this new update.

I have gone through part of the new content and this is what i have discovered so far

1. when you log into the game first time after update make sure if your 106 +++ learn your new passive skills as there is new passive skills for 106 and 108

2. Before you go hunt make sure you go to hiene town and take the exalted quest Master of the new power ( this is if you have already done exalted 5 )

3. i have gone to field of silence, mobs are close together and are good for aoe as im a lvl 108 foeh with a 107 yul dd. I can kill the mobs, but never be able to clear all the 6 mobs ( i have mid range gear on both chars)

4. Gone back to Tanor canyon mobs easier, exp just that slightly better. I suspect my kill speed went up also as i was able to clear all 8 mobs with the Halloween buff.

5. This is the part that got interesting , i took my 3 man crew feoh 108 ,yul 107 and dominator 105 to timed instance primeval isle. 60 min cost for 3 chars 450k

what i got return for the 60min total adenas count 31mil, 2 x blessed dragon shirt scrolls, 5 x blessed circlet scrolls, 6 x bracelet scrolls, and mats total around 15mil.

please note i have prestige pack from monthly subscription which contains a prestige rune. adena drop 300% item drop + 100%

6.I tried the New timed instance isle of soul .. LOL cant do it as mobs hit way to hard, adena drop per kill is 300k+, but with my 2 dd's with mid range gear at 108 and 107 cannot kill the mobs fast enough to make it worth the trouble.

hope people can add to this list



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I farmed at isle of souls solo didn't get as much items as you did but im evis so it kinda makes ence. In isle of souls timed zone i tried yesterday and farmed 217mil adenas per/h. So it's not bad but still overrall drops are down everywhere only solo zones zones(higher lvl ones) remain almost the same but now it drops differrent items then before.

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2 hours ago, mixa said:

It's a generic place, similar to the revamped aligator island and tanor. Imo it's better suited for fighters.

So the flavor of the month goes to Primeval Isle and the same boring afk exp in Tanor/Aligator, what a change :ph34r:

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