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Giants Energy and Energy of Destruction


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1 hour ago, Aphilion said:

Guys kindly advice what is the use of these items?

- Giants Energy

- Energy of Destruction

- Gem Stone R grade


Can't find any info anywhere and the items only say Enhance special item something. Thanks in advance.


1. Giant energy:

- Upgrading R99 weapon 
- Upgrading R99 armor
- Talismans
- Dragon Weapon
- Power Tiaras
- Kelbim's Weapon
- Brooches Lavianrosis

2. Energy of Destruction:

- Upgrading R99 weapon 
- Upgrading R99 armor
- Seed Talismans
- Power Tiaras

3. Gem Stone R grade:

Used a lot where the list is big. Mostly for making items.


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