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Bloodied Demonic Tome


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Hi all, I read that "bloddied demonic tome" and "sealed demonic tome" will be delete the 13th of November, I know only them to get rare mats recipe.

So if they are being deletet, how can we get them? their drop from mobs is like 0,0009% so almost close to 0 xD

And another question, in the last upgrade we should get  adena conpensation on the chars who raised their wh/inventary/trade slots. did u get any adena? because I did't, 

Ty for your attention


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The Demonic Tomes are not on the list of Items deleted during Update, or the list of Items which will be deleted Nov. 13.


The Patch notes incorrectly say they were removed for the Update... not for Nov. 13.

The passive skills from fishing guild were not removed from my characters... so I did not get any adena compensation.

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Indeed Mixa is right, I just complete the HB quest and now it no gives anymore bloodied demonic tome, that's mean that we will never get them and so that it's better to spend them before the 13th of november. I would like to read an official answer from the ln2 team however, but if they are busy and no answer, I will spend them atleast I get something good recipe.

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