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Pleased to see Party Bonus gets rewarded over Singleton macros

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When others macro single or dual, it really stinks for the party formers because division of XP are concentrated and unfair to the people who try to achieve BEAUTY through balanced of 7 variety.  Ever since the party bonus removal, I wonder what's the point of forming parties?  I'm glad the 50% party bonus gets added to the server.

@Hime @Juji I HOPE THAT 50% PARTY BONUS is permanent even after event.

This will encourage Party Formation in constant parties and give some individuals a chance for the ride.

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9 minutes ago, mixa said:

Parties are thing of the past.

That's for sure man.
Especially that even with this update the exp in Sea of Spores has been increased, but it still gives less exp per mob in a full party than duo in any 104-109 zone with about the same kill speed. And making zones like FoW, FT, DV able to be solo'd as well by the over geared people just clears it even more that having a party is a bad thing.


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i was told in another thread also this update was the most fail update from all. They just put all solo areas and they nerfed everything.. why someone form party? for what reason? to take what? more exp or more drops? the answer is nothing at all

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12 hours ago, GhostintheShell said:

THEY SHOULD BOOST PARTY BONUS BY 500% Permanent and let's see solo mofo will keep soloing...  50% boost is too small, now that I think about it, give it seriously 200-300%


PERMANENT: 300% party bonus

We'll make our own parties lolz xDD

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