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HI @Juji@Hime

My idea is to make chat better and remove all rmt forever :)
ok lets say, there is 5 slot for dif type of chat message
General Trade PT Clan and last Ally, this is the most seted chats
for me,
1:General, all type of message allowed except Shout and Trade
2:CC this is for Whisper why? i dont want to miss any whisper message, so when i wake up i check this all time
3.PT allowed + CLan + Aly + Whister
4:Clan, allower + Ally + Whisper
5:Ally + Whisper
This is the perfect chat setup,

now the suggestion
Remove General White message, who use it? only sellers and rmt, and every1 block those spammer messager, to avoid those spams
Remove Shouts no1 use it or read it
Trade ok this is something that need to keep, but lets say, change the rules, put it to exalted 3 to allow to use it after complete, and change it to every1 can see it just like world chat message, and allow 100 message
PT + CC mixed together, if command channel leader message on pt #<---, all member on pt see as pt message and on cc. for example, the ccl say something on pt, all pt member see his/her message as pt message + every1 see the message as CC message.
CLan + Ally mixed together: lets say lv10 clan can inv clan in ally slot, and lets work like this, if a clan member say something, all clan member see it, and all ally member as well as like ally colored message. all clan in ally its a big family member, so why not make a big message system to all members on ally see all message?
Whisper why not have whisper chat? add it
So will have General (World message + Trade + all other) + PT and cc + Clan and ally + Whisper, this is 4 instead of 5.
Almost forget world chat, after exalted 5 complete can type and unlimiter message or minimum 100 message

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